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Welcome to the site that acts as an archive for scanned copies in PDF form of old bus timetables, principally for routes which enter Greater London, whoever operated them. 

Apologies for the failure of a large number of links to work (now corrected, I hope). The site really needed a bit more work before being unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. I should have remembered that spaces in hyperlinks cause problems but it was news to me that pound signs did as well. Cue a renaming programme for about a quarter of the files...

Links to scanned timetables

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The period covered varies but for the most part it covers material distributed by the TfL timetable service of fond memory (though unfortunately I have gaps as a result of having disposed of some many years ago), LT's area bus timetable booklets of even fonder memory, London Country timetable books from about 1978 and county/operator timetables up to about 2002. There are some from outside this period, mostly thanks to a long list of people who have provided scans. Generally speaking, timetables from the online age, that is which were readily available in electronic form.

The quality varies from excellent down to downright poor. Some of the file sizes seem out of proportion to the quality as well. I could have spent forever tidying them up or rescanning them but if I had done that I would probably still have been doing it in five years time. The Covid-19 pandemic has served as a reminder that we may not have that amount of time!

The route labels used on the index pages and the descriptions on the individual route pages are for rough guidance only. Routes can change out of all recognition without any gap in operation and it is hard to capture this succinctly. Generally the most recent form (for TfL routes) or the most recent form for timetables on this website (others) has been used.

There is inevitably going to be duplication, particularly for undated timetables taken from timetable books. It would have taken a lot of painstaking (and error prone) work to check them all. The numerical codes on some timetables help; those on more recent TfL timetables and on London Country material are of assistance in reducing duplication. I never understood why publishers of timetable books did not include the timetable start date as for some regular passengers the date would tell them immediately that nothing had changed.

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If anyone is prepared to let me use similar electronic London bus timetable information, scanned or otherwise (and there are no copyright issues) I would be happy to host them: e-mail here